Proyecto Fenix. Reconstrucción Virtual de la Villa Romana "El Ruedo" en Almedinilla (Córdoba)

3.3 Furniture


Bañera Termas 01
Bañeras Termas 02

Curtains movement test 02

In the second curtains test, it is presented the movement of the courtains by the contact with an object. The quality simulation is improved and for this reason we can see that the image doesn’t cross the screen anymore.

Curtains movement test 01

First test of screen simulation where we can observe them move and open.
Few polygons to the screen and low quality simulation.

Exterior bench

Bench model to the village’s exterior.

Kitchen set

Kitchen furniture models.

Table animation

Table modelation.

Bath set

Utensils models to the village cleanness.

Exterior table

Table model to the village’s exterior.

Village’s doors

Doors set of the village.


Torch model to the interior of the Roman village.


Table set with some objects to decorate.